You can be a lazy bun

If you are dreaming about vacations, being care-free, doing nothing and that everything magically happened as you imagine without putting any effort, Indonesia is the best place for that. And that luxury isn’t even expensive.…

22 December 2017

Everywhere is the same

When you come to Asia you feel like a young God. Everyone admires you from the hidden, safety place, and these ones who are braver takes a picture of you. You buy everything because it is so cheap; and when someone asks you about…

12 December 2017

Types of longing

There are different types of longing. When we leave it comes alternately and sometimes comes unexpectedly.…

16 November 2017

Isle of Skye

Scotland, one of the places in the world where everything is the reverse. Cars run on the left side of the road, taps have two water cocks, and for breakfast, people eat not only eggs but also bacon and beans. Some may say that…

15 November 2017