You can be a lazy bun

22 December 2017

If you are dreaming about vacations, being care-free, doing nothing and that everything magically happened as you imagine without putting any effort, Indonesia is the best place for that. And that luxury isn’t even expensive.

I came here with a feeling that I’m going on one-year vacations. I’m gonna travel, eating fruits and my skin will be tanned in this lovely way.
Actually now my traveling is only around Bandung because rain is really good in destroying all my plans and further trips (or even the closest one, to the shop nearby). Instead of fruits, I’m eating indomie – Indonesian first class food: instant noodle with egg and soy sauce. And if we’re talking about being tanned, it is not even close to that (rain again).

Indonesians decided to make a rainy season as easy as possible. Let’s just say it: who wants to go out for dinner if it’s mean being wet from head to toe? For meeting with friends we can easily be late, cause here is normal to be late at least an hour, and everyone doing that (we should start worrying after three hours). So if it’s raining it’s better to simply wait for it to stop.
Friends can wait, but when it’s about hungry stomach, we have to find another solution.

“Need is a mother of invention”

Go-Jek application

Referring to this particular phrase and the tropical rain that I’ve stated before, Indonesian invented a simple solution where they took advantages of a scooter and poor man who needs to feed his family. Combined, those two created a solution in the form of delivery services. But it’s not like typical pizza delivery, that you have to call the restaurant in order to place your order and then wait for an hour or more. Instead, you slowly take your phone and open the go-jek application in which you choose if today’s gonna be a go-food or go-drive or even more intricate like go-cleaning (someone who come to clean your flat), go-beauty (manicure, hairdresser, barber*), or even go-massage (bring the spa home). All these things we can simply order with three taps on our screen and a lovely man on a scooter will deliver whatever we ordered straight to our doors and only charges 7.000 Rp (0,5 $) for the service.

Mr. Neighbour

warung - eating place

If at some point we don’t have trust in online applications there’s always another option. We called it Mr. Neighbour. After giving him a gift he becomes our best friend, and his warung (small shop & eating place) always has all the things that we need for life. So if we are out of eggs, milk, water, gas for the cooker, soap, toothpaste or simply we have this feeling for cold coke the only thing we have to do is go outside the house and 5 meters away we just buy it. And additionally, we can order a coffee and dinner for not even 1$ and then sit comfy on an outside couch in the middle of the street and wait for food.

It happens to all of us

How I became a lazy bun? I ordered a tea on delivery. For my justification, I can say that I did this not because the kitchen was too far away. We simply got out of gas in a cooker and Mr. Neighbour was closed. And we all know this feeling when we really, really need a hot tea in the middle of the night. We’ll do anything just to get it.

So, if you want to be a lazy bun, just pack your things and come. You won’t regret it.

*fun fact: most of Indonesians don’t have a beard. If they have it, they have it because of the religious and it grows on its own. It’s not like a stylish trend from barber’s shop. All these barbers are simply marketing trick for tourists – all places are with English version of service (and to be clear: in Indonesia, English, it’s not very common for locals), interiors in this modern western way and in the windows are smiling white man with typical woodchopper beard cut

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