Isle of Skye

15 November 2017

Scotland, one of the places in the world where everything is the reverse. Cars run on the left side of the road, taps have two water cocks, and for breakfast, people eat not only eggs but also bacon and beans. Some may say that it is typically English, others that are almost British. It is here that men walk in skirts, which are proudly called kettles, here they play the bagpipes, and in the evenings drink whiskey.


Scotland is also the view. Wild, left in the care of nature. Views that the man did not break. There are plenty of nature, there are mountains, valleys and infinity waters. Depending on where it may be a river, a lake, a sea or an ocean, everything depends on where your eyes are going.

My trip to Scotland was not a tour through the major cities, there was neither Edinburgh nor Glasgow. There were islands and national parks. The Isle of Skye, Fort William with the highest peak, not only in Scotland but also in the whole of Great Britain, were wild green areas with waterfalls, forests and enclosed trails, as well as the Cairngorms National Park. Surprisingly, the centre of the country, quite inconspicuous, was marked by a stone, next to a dirt road, often referred to by the local shortcut, on the way from the island to the land. The route we planned was showing the beauty of nature. Struck by millions of pictures and videos that are breathtaking.

Our trip lasted for 3 days, the plan was pretty tight, which on the one hand suited me, and on the other hand, I was struck by the feeling of finding local miracles in the so-called no plan – my favourite form of travelling.

The first day was a “to get there” trip, with attractions on the way. We planned to get to Sligachan, visiting Loch Ness and looking for Nessi. I’ve always enjoyed this story. A monster from a lake that no one has ever seen, but everyone believes in him; everybody comes here to find and return with nothing. The legend that has lasted so many years.


Nor was I able to see Nessi in the lake, but it was nothing because the view was worth the stop.

The expedition was a car ride with going out “to reflect on the route”. At Nest, Lighthouse Nest Point has the most beautiful view of the world – definitely postcard. My thought? “I won the world”

Fairy Glen was the biggest unexpected place on this trip. We didn’t plan it, but we got half an hour to go on the tour, so we decided to stop by. It was the most beautiful surprise. Valley as from Alice in Wonderland, stone circles, hills like out of the film and these mountains in the background. If, like Alice, I was to find Wonderland, it was in Fairy Glen.


On the last day, we were climbing up to Ben Nevis, but the weather, the late wake and other excuses did not get us anywhere. To avoid wasting the day we visited the Cairngorm Reindeer Center. I would not turn it into 10 peaks.
I had the opportunity to feed the reindeer, hugging a calf which was a little shy, but a very curious white ball and associate with the whole herd of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Scotland is an extraordinary place. It can be said that it is slightly magical and flashed. Very good for travelling from early spring until late autumn. There are no points to recommend. When you go to Skye, you will not want to leave. And the road “along the way” will have enough charming spots that will certainly extend for a few hours.